16th MEA Convention

December 9, 2004, Kuala Lumpur




29th Conference of the Federation of ASEAN Economic Associations (FAEA)


December 10 – 11, 2004, Kuala Lumpur


organized by


Malaysian Economic Association/Persatuan Ekonomi Malaysia (MEA/PEM)



VENUE:            Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

                   DATE:       December 9 - 11, 2004


The Malaysian Economic Association (MEA) or PEM would like to invite all practitioners, policymakers, and academicians to participate in the 16th MEA Convention on December 9, 2004 and the 29th Conference of the Federation of ASEAN Economic Associations (FAEA) in Kuala Lumpur on December 10 - 11, 2004, to be held at the Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.


THEME:  ASEAN Economic Cooperation:  New Dynamics, New Paradigms


The Program Committee is now issuing a call for papers related to the Convention theme and possible topics for papers sessions that include the following areas:




A.         New Sources of Growth for ASEAN

B.         Macroeconomic Policies to Enhance ASEAN Competition and Cooperation

C.        Trade and Investment/Trade and Services

D.        Financial Liberalization/Financial Institutions and Markets

E.         International Finance

F.         Capital Flows/Portfolio Management

G.        Corporate Governance and Regulatory Framework








THEME:   ASEAN Economic Cooperation:  New Dynamics, New Paradigms


The 2020 ASEAN Vision is to achieve “a stable, prosperous and highly competitive ASEAN Economic Region in which there is a free flow of goods, services and investment, [and] a freer flow of capital ….”.  One of these cooperative programs is hence conducted through economic cooperation, which is directed by the ASEAN Economic Ministers (AEM). The AEM was institutionalized at the 1977 Kuala Lumpur Summit.  Under the AEM, the AFTA Council was established by the Fourth Summit to supervise, coordinate, and review the implementation of the CEPT Scheme for AFTA.  The theme for the 29th Conference of FAEA is aimed to examine these major issues and challenges on economic cooperation for ASEAN in its efforts to enhance competitiveness and the realization of the idea of an ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in the context of economic cooperation.  The theme for 29th FAEA also requires a revisit into some old ASEAN initiatives that were set up in the past years and some assessments of new initiatives. 


Some questions to be addressed:


1.                  Why earlier ASEAN Economic policy initiatives were/are not successful?  (macro-micro perspectives on projects of ASEAN on automobiles, trade, labor flows, etc)


2.         Can the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) move ASEAN economic integration forward? 


3.                  What are ASEAN’s priorities in trade and investment liberalization – is it to act as one in reviving multilateral negotiations, fostering deeper integration within ASEAN, accelerating extra ASEAN integration such as ASEAN+3 or going alone in bilateral arrangements?  (trade and services)


4.         How to create stability in the financial, capital, bond and currency markets?  (macro policies/exchange rates regimes, e.g. ACU?


5.         How to implement (strong) regulations and laws to continuously enhance ASEAN cooperation?  (corporate governance)


The above theme is also applicable for the 16th MEA Convention, but focus would be in the Malaysian context.






August 20, 2004                   Deadline for receipt of abstract

September 15, 2004                Submission of complete papers

October 2004                          Decision on acceptance of papers

October 15, 2004                Registration

December 9, 2004                16th MEA Convention

December 10-11, 2004            29th FAEA Conference




The deadline for submitting abstracts is 20th August 2004. Authors will be notified of a decision by October 2004.  All contributors should submit THREE hard copies and ONE soft copy in an MS word of their papers. 


Please specify the intention of paper submission by indicating MEA or FAEA at the right hand corner on the bottom of the abstract.  Also please indicate the session(s) you think your paper would be appropriate for by listing up to two session letters at the bottom of the abstract (e.g. FAEA/A,B).


The first page of the paper should contain the title, authors’ names, affiliations, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail addresses. The abstract and full paper should be written in Times New Roman, 12 point and single spacing. The second page should repeat the title and include an abstract of not more than 250 words, and three (3) keywords of the subject area of the paper.


All papers for this Convention/Conference are to be submitted following the reference citation’s pattern of the Economics Letters (EL) reference citations.  Please use British Spelling. Kindly submit your papers to:


There will be two tracks of papers – refereed and non refereed papers. Refereed papers presented at the Convention or Conference will be considered for publication in the Malaysian Journal of Economic Studies (MJES).



MEA Secretariat

MEA 16th Convention/29th FAEA Conference

New Block, Faculty of Economics & Administration

University of Malaya, Lembah Pantai

 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia








Registration Fees

(Convention & Conference Package)


Non Asean Countries Members                   USD250/-

Non PEM Members                                           RM400/-

Non PEM Members (Student)                    RM200/-


Asean Countries Members                               USD100/-

PEM members                                             RM350/-

Student Members                                           RM180/-


Cheque make payable to : “Persatuan Ekonomi Malaysia”






Contact:             MEA Secretariat


Tel:                   03-79673647/03-79560075  (Zainah/Corinne and Azmeer)