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Malaysian Economic Convention 2015


As the Asian and Global Financial Crises in the recent past showed, robust financial governance is vital to the maintenance of sustained economic growth.  With the global economy becoming ever more integrated, economic interconnectedness poses even greater risks of contagion from damage caused by lapses in governance.  In the present context, ASEAN is reaching another milestone of integration   with the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community, to be launched this year.  2015 is also the year in which Malaysia   assumes the chairmanship of ASEAN.

These developments provide the rationale for the choice of thematic focus for the 2015 Malaysian Economic Convention, which is “Financial Governance and Economic Growth”.  This focus encapsulates the intersection of three major themes – financial governance, economic growth, and ASEAN economic integration.

The structure of this convention, i.e. the substance and sequencing of its thematic sessions, reflects these  intersecting themes.  Thus a broad review of financial governance in the context of ASEAN’s upcoming AEC opens the Convention to further debate.   Within this broad framework, the next sessions deal with the development of financial markets, with managing capital flows and Islamic finance as sub-themes, and finance and market intelligence.  ASEAN then assumes center stage next as the discussion shifts to the relationship between finance and trade.  A specific focus on finance and social welfare is taken up before the topical issue of breaking out of the ‘middle-income trap’ is taken up to  conclude the Convention.

A Keynote Address by the Governor of Bank Negara to open the Convention is planned, while eminent intellectuals and scholars will be invited to be guest speakers as well as panelists in the Convention’s sessions..

The Convention should be of interest to a broad spectrum of professionals – managers, technical experts, scholars, academics, postgraduate students – and the general public who are interested in the latest developments both nationally and regionally.

A Call for Papers for presentation at this Convention is attached.


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