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At present the association enjoys the membership of some 533 economists and professionals from the academic , government, and private sector.

Individual Membership
Open to any academicians, professionals and anyone with interest in economics. Each Member shall have be eligible to be elected to the executive committee at general meetings and entitled to one vote for any matter during the same. There is a one time membership payment of RM 500 only

Corporate Membership
Open to any lawful institution or organization interested in the objects of the Association. Each Corporate Member shall have a right to nominate a representative to any general meeting. Each Corporate Representative shall be entitled to one vote at general meetings of the Association and shall be eligible for election to the Executive Committee provided such representative possesses a University Degree in Economics or other qualifications professional or academic, which the Executive Committee considers acceptable.


  • Lifetime Member – RM 500 for lifetime
  • Corporate Membership – RM3000 for 5 years

Membership Application Form

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